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Ice Rinks

Ice Rinks - Refrigeration technology

Energy-efficient refrigeration systems operating on natural coolants

We offer design, production, installation and technology contracting for various kinds of ice rink projects. We provide refrigeration equipment for projects ranging from small outdoor ice rinks to large-scale arenas.

Apart from refrigeration equipment we offer our clients cooling pipes, concrete slabs, dasher boards and air handling solutions when needed.

Our technological solutions make it possible to create energy centers enabling to utilize waste heat released from the refrigeration process. If needed the heating efficiency could be increased by means of heat pump.

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High quality ice and optimized indoor air conditions for international sporting events and indoor arenas with capacity of several thousand spectators.


Training ice arenas

High quality ice and optimized indoor air conditions for actively used training ice arenas and different kinds of users ranging from ice hockey players to figure skaters.

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Outdoor ice rinks

High quality ice for playing ice hockey and free skating under any weather conditions.


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